Using Air2g2 technology:

  • Reduces compaction and bulk density, resulting in optimal root growth so a stronger and healthier turfgrass can be developed. Deeper root system means, improved wear resistance for the turfgrass throughout the season.
  • Increases soil porosity so will increasing the infiltration rate. Provides for a firmer playing surface.
  • The ability to increase infiltration below the upper root zone to avoid a saturated profile.
  • Injects fresh air while purging out carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. Forcible gaseous exchange.
  • Increases soil porosity so allowing oxygen to better permeate through the soil. Reduces the incidence of “Black Layer”
  • Stimulates root growth and microbial activity through increased oxygen levels. This action can reduce other associated maintenance costs such as chemicals, fertiliser and water.
  • Increased microbial activity also will help breakdown organic matter build up. In turn helping to reduce thatch accumulation.
  • Air2g2 air injection impacts on the area between the holes and not just in the hole. More aeration, less holes.
  • Little disruption to play, no surface recovery period, no lost revenue or unhappy players.